Classe Amp for Magico S1 now or later?

After 19 years with my Monitor Audio MA 705 speakers, I am upgrading to Magico S1 for the fronts. Trying to let my audiophile rose blossom just a little.

I have a Denon 4520 ci amplifier, that has served me fine, for what its worth. It is 150 WPC. I mainly want the Magicos for music, of course, but this is also our TV/Movie room.

My thought was to install the Magicos, and probably eventually get a stereo amp for the two mains, and run the center and rears through the Denon. However, I can get a pretty decent deal on a demo Classe CA 5200 now. I could run my center and rears all through the Classe.

I've been dazed and confused by amplifier preferences and choices. I've listened to many. But I keep coming back and reading the Richard Clark Amplifier challenge, and wonder whether I'd be wasting my money. Would my ears be able to tell the difference?

So my question is, would it be wiser to use the Denon for a period of time with the Magicos (which are 86 DB sensitive, kind of a heavy load), or go ahead and bit off the bullet on the Classe?

Have you listened to the Classe to see if you like it? What did you audition the Magico's with?

I personally would try your current system with the new speakers and take your time on the amplifier choice. Once you are really familiar with the speakers performance, you will be better able to tell if a new amplifier is worth the upgrade or not.
Thanks. That's what I've decided to do.