Classe Amp CA-201 or CA-301

I am looking into buying these two fine amps driving BW speaker. Can any one tell me what the real different between two amps beside the watts is the Ca 301 build using omega series. Also I heard there is a lot of problem with the ca-301 due to the power supply or something like that is that true. Any info will be greatly appreciate.
Don't take my word as gospel here, but as I recall, the 201 was just the same as a 200. The 301 was an Omega based system. Now, I did hear a 201 in my system and loved it - warm, but with great control and bass extension, clear highs without being too forward - then heard a 301, albeit in a different (and more expensive) system, and was not impressed.

Yes, I know, not a true a/b comparison, but thought I would offer what I could.

Someone else here can certainly confirm or deny the 201/301 configuration info.

Good luck.

The choice of amps is fine but I would consider buying two amps by Classe and use them as monoblocks. I am running two CA-150's for my Aerial 8's and am quite pleased. The response time and the control of the bass is wonderful. Steve P.S. The choice of cables and interconnects is quite important to the final "sound".