Classe / Aesthetix

I am using a Aesthetix pre and am considering changing to a current generation Classe amp.I CNN not find any threads regarding members exexperience regarding their satisfaction with this combo. Was the synergy there ? Thanks for your response.
It will work and it should sound OK, but I would consider getting an amp that's better match to your preamp. Otherwise it may not reach its potential in terms of sound quality. SS amps from Ayre, Aesthetix, Theta, BAT and maybe Pass would match up better in my opinion.
Interesting query- Lezdam-

having spent some time w/ both brands, independently, it might make a pretty good combo. I like a tubed pre-amp mated w/ a solid-state power amp for the record.

Most important of all, do not forget about cables/power cords for this gear. Transparent is a sonic match for Classe' and Silent Source is a sonic match for Aesthetix.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!