Classe 5200+Linn Unidisk SC vs. all Krell Showcase

I'm trying to decide between two options:
1. Classe 5200 power amp with a Linn Undisk SC player


2. Krell Showcase 5 Amp, Showcase Preamp/Processor, and Showcase DVD

I'm mainly interested in stereo audio, HT is a distant 2nd priority. I want something with a little *punch* and have read a lot of reviews about Krell being known for its punchy bass response. However, the Classe is a 200wpc amp, the Krell is 125wpc.

Both options are about the same price.

I'd probabty also buy B&W 804S or 803D with a B&W ASW825 sub if I need it for the punch.

Any comments from more experienced folks out there would be apprecitated. I'm a newcomer to this caliber of audio gear.


I have the Unidisk SC and a C2200 and think you could not go wrong with the Linn system - I am using the Linn Espek speakers and have also listened to the B and W which are really fantastic as well. If you consider the linn speakers you can take them active, which to my ears provides a magnificent level of detail and clarity - I am also primarily a stereo listener and so I set up the theater in another room -

Another benefit that the unidisk SC provides is that it can serve as the main unit in a distributed audio system utilizing cat 5 network cable to provide the source to other locations through out your home - I believe their website provides some material about their KNEKT system -

Good luck