Classe 47.5 or Adcom 750 pre?

Which one has more credibility as far as QC, dependability and which of the two have you heard and what are your thoughts?
I owned the CP60, and after listening to the GFP750, I sold the CP60. Build quality is better with the Classe, but I prefered the GFP750. I do miss the numeric volume display, and need an outboard phono stage, but for roughly 1/4 of the price I'm willing to give those things up.
I've owned a CP47.5 for more than a year and have had excellent service thus far. Very reliable; matches well with my CA300 amp.
Good question. I have a CP-35 and an Adcom GFP 750 on my living room table right now, and trying to answer the same question.

I find that the Classe sounds a little "smoother" and "warmer", but less revealing, especially in the high end.

The "passive" mode on the Adcom is amazing; I feel like a veil is lifted when I enable it. On the other hand, it can be bright and a bit less "involving" (oh, that's a subjective word!) than the Classe.

I find the Adcom sounds better on very well-produced music and on Jazz, where accuracy is really appreciated (Dire Straits, Lyle Lovett, Miles Davis), and that the Classe sounds better on rock (Pink Floyd, U-2), where warmth and coherence are important.

It's worth noting that I am using these with equipment of lower quality than they would normally be paired with (Rotel RB-981, which is a bit sloshy), and a Yamaha single-play CD player that may be a bit on the bright side itself.

Tough choice, depends on your taste in music and in sound.

- Eric