Classe 350 vs Pass Labs X600.5

Would someone compare the classe Cam 350 to the Pass Labs X600.5? I think the CAM 350 runs classe A up to 80 watts and the x600.5 is less. The classe idle watts are 215 for each mono and the Pass Labs is 515 for both? What is the sound like in the midrange and treble? Do they both control the bass the same? Which would you prefer on a difficult speaker like the Eggleston Savoy?
It's been a very long time since I had auditioned the Classe 350, for their time they were very nice amps. Smooth and warm with a good degree of clarity and a good bottom end. However, the Pass Labs X.5 series, including the 600.5's, is in another league sonicly. Better everything, for details take a look at my review of the 350.5 here on the GON. Hope this is helpful to you.
yep, the 600.5 will be considerably better than the CAM350 acoustically.
Let me ask this in terms of the Savoys, what if you throw in the Pass XA200.5 and the Bryston 28SST into the mix. Which would better? And why? I heard the Bryston will not generate a lot of air around strings but may have better control of the bass. Is this true?
Is there a better amp for the Savoys which are not big tube amps?
The 600.5 should be considerably better, at $16,000/pair, 600W @ 8 ohms, and class A up to 170W versus $7,000/pair, 350W @ 8 ohms, and class A up to 80W for the CAM-350. Apples and oranges.
The XA.5 series is entirely different from the X.5 series. I've had the X600.5s and now the XA200.5s. The XA200.5s are wonderful. The X600.5s are very good after 12-24 hours warm-up, but not close to the XA.5s. The XA.5 needs no warm-up and sounds all that more natural, powerful, and effortless.

If you have a budget for the XA200.5s, I would actually recommend you consider the XA100.5 or the XA160.5 with the Tripoint Troy for the price differential. The combination with the Troy will far exceed just the XA200.5 alone.

Rtn1, from your comments, I assume you don't leave the XA200.5 on 24/7? How long of a warm-up for maximum performance? Have you compare the Bryston 28BSST to your Pass? I heard the 28BSST runs very cool, only requires an hour of warm-up and sounds fantastic.

I had a Krell FPB600 and like the X600.5, a 24 hr warm up is required for maximum performance. I leave it on 24/7 and it was MISERABLE in hot humid summer months.
The XA.5 requires no warm-up. I don't even leave it on during the winter. It sounds great coming out of stand-by. If it gets any better over the first hour, I would have difficulty discriminating in a blinded test.

I have no experience with the Bryston. But, I am now a believer in pure class A amps.

That's good to know. I'm investigating SS amp for my Eggleston Andra IIs. Requirements are mono-blocks, short warm-up time and cool running is a plus.

I will add Pass XA100.5 or XA160.5 to my list.
I was reading on the Pass web site and noticed on the Lit option there is a statement
Leaves Class A at pk Watts: 80 for X600.5
Where did you get 170 watts for class A?