classe 301 vs sim w5

I have just purchased a w-5 but actually wanted a ca-301 but the price difference was $550, I have not received the unit yet and am a little skeptical on the w-5 because I have not heard the unit before, I have heard the classe and liked the sound, has anyone compared them directly, my system consists of b&w 804s bryston bp25da sony scd-1, any comments would be greatly appreciated thanks.
Hi Paul,

If you get the chance you should really give one of the older Classe amps a listen. The CA-300 is a real gem and IMO is much more musical than the newer models. I have a CA-300 and just love the darn thing, they're a little more on the warm side than the newer stuff. Would save you some coin as well, right now a used 300 can be had for a song. Saw one a few days ago for $1600!

The W5 is more clinical and lacks the liquid top end of the Classe CA300. I also found the overall presentation of the Classe to be more engaging. The W5 has incredible detail and neutrality. Very different amplifiers. If you're a rock and roll listener, you'll probably love the punch of the W5.
Paul - don't get buyers remorse before you even get your unit! Both amps are excellent IMO. I lived with classe ca200 for 10 years and have heard the W5 on numerous occasions and it were me I would lean towards the Sim...
I've found Classe to be commonly paired with B&W. The times that I had heard the pairing at my local dealer, I thought they sounded good together. I had a brief stint owning a pair of SIM W-6's and quickly sold them (too analytical, lacking musicality & un-natural sounding). Between the two, I would have gone for the Classe.
I previously owned the W-5, thought it was a good amp, but not overly musical...the type of amp that MUST have a tube pre to be enjoyable.

The 301 was in my home for a solid month at one point, a very musical amp with tons of power and punch.

The 301 is a far better amp then the W-5.

And for reference, the CA-200 should not be mentioned in the same thread as the 301, very different amps from very different times within Classe.