ClassD Amps & Cable Geometry - Suggestions?

I'm speaking particularly of interconnects and speaker cables, though I know people have power cord preferences as well.

Any specific cable types and geometry that people find work well with the ClassD type amplifiers out there, whether it be Spectron or BelCanto or anything else?

Solid Core, Braided, Anything....
Interconnects and Speaker Cables...
Thin, Thick....

Just looking through people who have searched or synergy already in this world.

Also, with power cords -- people tend to go with the low gauge monstrosities for the huge power amplifiers.

I just purchased a 250x2/8 500x2/4 ClassD amp. Lots of power output, but max voltage usage I think is around 50-55v.

Where does a product such as this fit into power cord size requirements?
Class D amps are of quite high efficiency. While one could easily "skimp" on power cord gauge with an amp of this nature, i would treat it as a combination of a digital source component and a power amp. Due to the switching nature of the power supply and the associated RF and AC hash that it will generate along with the higher current demands that an amplifier will draw, try checking into a design that is of high capacitance and reasonably heavy gauge. As to specific suggestions, i'll leave that up to others that may be more familiar with the amps that you mention. Sean