Class "A" Tube Amp Temps? 1st Time Tuber

Now say that 5 times fast. I've just purchased my first class A push-pull tube amp. A Cary SLA-70 Sig. 35 watts output into 8, 31 in to 4. I had to replace the rectifier tubes with new 5u4g's (from Cary). Having no expierence with this type of amp, how warm should it run? Just like any good old sparky with 3 fingers on one hand can tell what the voltage is by touch, I'm fairly good with judging temperature. I can hold my palm on the 2 output transformers. (about 140 F) I can just palm the power transformer. (about 160 F) I knew better than to touch the tubes. I'm driving some small 4 ohm monitors and the sound is quite nice. When you're hot you're hot, but how hot is OK?
The hotter, the better :). I have Atma-Sphere OTL's, 12 big 6AS7 PER AMP. I had to put more air conditioning in, here in Houston. The longer they're on, the better they sound, but that's true of everything, isn't it?
I can tell you that the heat is normal. My Cary SLI50 puts out considerable heat for a 30w amp and also uses tube rectification which will add some heat due to the extra tubes.