Class D with Tyler Acoustics

I have a pair of Ty's D112's coming and am really excited. I am thinking about a new pre/power upgrade as well. Like most, my musical taste is eclectic. My room has been extensively treated. And normally my source will be lossless files through a reference dac.

Class D has been on my radar for a while; i.e., W4S and Bel Canto. (Gear like Rowland and others of that ilk are beyond my budget.) Anyway, I will no doubt do a lot of auditioning, but I would like to begin narrowing down my options. I know a few A A/B's that I intend to hear, but I was wondering if any of you have successfully paired your Tylers with class D? Especially the D110 or MM5?

Thanks for the suggestions,
What makes you want to go with class d? I'm not saying that you shouldn't get one, but why not consider all types and then pick the one that sounds best?
I know this sounds like a broken record (ha) by now but anyone considering class D (or any amp, IMO) should research Hypex NCore.

Sorry for no direct experience with those speakers.

Good luck!
I have a pair of Tyler D2's along with his center and rears that are connected to a W4S multi channel amp. This a big upgrade over a modified Anthem MCA 50. I use the setup for 2 channel music and 5 channel home theatre on an equal basis. I am very happy with the results.
As I said, there are some class A A/B that I want to audition, but I have heard some good things bout class D. So I want to give them a listen. My budget for pre/power or integrated is in the $3500 range.
I am really starting to sound like a Hypex shill but...

$2000 will get you a pair of NC400 amps if you can do basic assembly and solder an XLR connector. Check out Audiocircle and other forums for listening impressions and good luck.
Hi Nsirkin,

You don't sound like a shill, you sound like someone who has found a piece of gear they think is awesome and I appreciate that. My problem is that I am technologically challenged. I have never soldered anything in my life. So the prospect of DIY isn't appealing to me. But enthusiasm over music and gear... that's great!
Give Tommy a shout over at Digital Amplifier Company. I have had a few Class D amps (Trends, Virtue Sensation M901, Spectron) over the course of the last 5 years. My speakers just seem to perform better on these amps because of the speed they provide. The Cherry amp I got from Tommy bridges the gap between solid state and tubes quite nicely. They have the speed necessary for me while giving great tonal density and richness, great imaging, and a top end that is not over cooked at all. I have said this in a previous post, my Son will get this amp when I leave this earth (God and finances willing).
Hey Chip,

Despite your reservations about your DIY abilities, you should definitely take the time to research the NC400 build. It is simply installing 2 modules in a case and adding AC, XLR and speaker connectors.

Look at diyAudio for details. The only soldering is to the XLR connector and the cases can be purchased ready-made and drilled. There are even competent folks there who can assemble it for you and you will still be under $2000.

I would be happy to elaborate and point you to the right info.

I have found that it is very satisfying to have a hifi component that you have "built".

Why don't you call Ty and ask if he has used Class D with any of his speakers. I'm pretty darn sure he has used Bel Canto with success.

I own a pair of Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II speakers. Mine are power hungry since they are mostly 4ohm...I have tested a few items along the way and settled with a Coda CSI integrated amp...I truly have enjoyed this aspect of the system for simplicity, although I do still have my Modwright SWL9.0 with the tube rectified power supply feeding into a B&K SS amp. The tube / SS amp combo is very nice as well and I have my setup able to quickly switch cables if I so desire. I would never think of buying any other type of speaker, I truly enjoy my woodmere's and even my wife thinks the same..I have also since moved to another house with a much larger room and these babies have really showed me a new light and sound...simply amazing
I'm a little late here, but I used Wyred amps (ST-1000, SX-500 and SX-1000 monos) on Tyler D1s and Linbrook SuperTowers with great success. I ran the amps directly from the Wyred DAC 2. I know of several Agon members that have also used Wyred amps and been very satisfied with them on their Tylers. But, as always, it would be best to hear it for yourself and see if it fits your individual tastes.