Class D with low-end drive/slam

Anyone know of a Class D power amp, for around $1500-$2000 on the used market, with great low end?

Looking for forceful drive and slam. "Boom boom," as some may say.

More wattage/current the better.
I'll go out on a limb and say the BelCanto ref1000m amps I use are world class in this regard. They will run a tad beyond your price range even used though.

Some of the other less expensive BC amps may do quite well also I would expect, especially if used with a good SS pre-amp.

Wyred4Sound is another similar line that is more like than unlike the better BCs according to reports and would fall in you price range.

Definitely go for as much power and current as your speakers are capable of handling, but be careful that they do not break up as a result of being overdriven as they do.

I've found the 500 w/ch Icepower ams to be exceptionally good mates with both the Dynaudio and OHM Walsh speakers in my system.
Thank you. That'a very helpful. 500 watts Class D is a lot less expensive than 500 watts SS....This is for my "frankensystem."
Check out the Digital Amp Company

To read about the incredible bass performance, check out the 2-person StereoTimes review:

Tommy from DigAmpCo often has demo gear for a great price.

I think the actual review unit from the Affordable Audio Review is currently available.

I've heard plenty if ICE amps w/ their switching supplies and they don't compete w/ the Digital Amp Cos proprietary Class D technology and massive linear power supplies.
The newer and more expensive BelCanto ref XXXm line (I use the 1000ms) also uses a supplemental power supply internally that is integrated with the stock Icepower module. That helps optimize bass performance I believe and accounts for much of the price difference with these compared to other more stock Icepower amps I believe.

This is the main reason I elected to pay a hefty premium for these specific Icepower amps compared to others that use stock Icepower modules only and cost way less.

However, I have heard others that use Wyred Icepower amps with stock Icepower power supplies report very good results also. I have never heard these or compared so I cannot say for sure, but in general those who have seem to report only subtle differences as best I can tell.
Find and Innersound ESL used, if you can. Wonderful amp, tons of SLAM, never runs out of juice.
I would put Wyred 4 Sound on the list of world class D amps. Cheaper than Bel Canto and uses similar proprietary input stage. Can buy new in your price range.
input impedance - 60Kohm unbalanced (tube pre-amp friendly)
stock Icepower module power supply

BC refXXXm series
Input impedance - 100Kohm unbalanced, 200kohm balanced (very tube pre-amp friendly)
proprietary BC power supply module replaces power supply onboard the standard Icepower module

Other Amps (including all other non refXXm series BCs) using stock Icepower modules only
input impedance - 10Kohm (not so tube friendly in general)
standard power supply onboard Icepower module
Cary A306

Input impedance:100k ohm unbalanced / 200k ohm balanced -also very tube friendly.
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Rowland Icepower amps have 40k input impedance.
What about the Virtue Audio ICEblocks? They are mono blocks containing a tube buffer and the ICE circuit. Anyone heard them?