Class D Technology

So I get the obvious strengths of Class D. Efficiency, power output & running cool which allows for small form factors. I also understand the weaknesses somewhat. 1. Non-linear & lots of distortion that needs to be cleaned up with an output filter. 
So my question is, if it weren't for efficiency & power, would there be any reason to own a Class D amp? Do they beat Class A in any other categories that count for sound quality?  
The Stereophile reviewer liked the PSA M700 amps so much that he bought the amps and is now on the PSA forums to add to his initial review.
Had anyone owned various Class D amps and settled on one magical enough to made you feel like you "couldn't wait to get home and listen" for hours (not from a sweet spot) but just throughout the house as you went about home life?
I am very happy with my Wyred4sound MarkII poweramp.
I am driving Wilson Sophia speakers.
Just received a new pair of Theta Digital Prometheus mono blocks to replace my Simaudio amps. They were a little more money than some other class d amps,but so far I am very impressed with them.
The Esoteric I-03 Class D integrated is one of the best implementations of a Class D integrated amplifier ever made!  BOLD WORDS for a stellar integrated.  MSRP was $12,000.00.

With all that said, I don’t think the snobby audiophiles went for it.

To my ears it is without equal!