class d or t chip amps

curiosity is killing this cat. i owned a dayton audio 15 wpc t amp and gave it to a relative but wonder if a more powerful unit is out there that would not cost much to see the diff in sound between my musical paradise SET tube amp w about 8 wpc . i like the sound i have with my single driver full range audio nirvana 12" drivers in large cabinets but thought i may enjoy a change.. It looks like the older models from dayton are gone... any ideas. would not want to spend much frankly. i love the tube sound i have but they used to be so cheap a few yrs back. is class d the new thing for cheap power or what. i am not up on the trends. the ps audio stuff seems way overpriced for what it is made from. was hoping the bass would be different enough for me to enjoy switching between the two  esp if i was playing rock etc. weird query eh?

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 I'll just put this out there, but awhile back, I purchased a set of AN drivers myself, and along with them, I got the class D amp from Audio Nirvana as well. Turns out that I used it for awhile, then it ended up in my shop. If you might be interested, I can offer it to you at a price that you would likely agree with. 
  I have owned numerous AN drivers with great results, except for the co-axial drivers, which are no longer offered.