Class D is just Dandy!

I thought it was time we had a pro- Class D thread. There's plenty of threads about comparisons, or detractors of Class D.

That's fine, you don't have to like Class D amps, and if you don't please go participate on one of those threads.

For those of us who are very happy and excited about having musical, capable amps that we can afford to keep on 24/7 and don't require large spaces to put them in, this thread is for you.

Please share your experiences with class D amps!
Yes Class D can be dandy indeed.   The evidence is what I am hearing as I type.
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The Molas go back to 2016 and it should be clear from the many who reviewed them that they live in the warm sound camp: ditto their speaker choices. Not me.

After spending a good bit of time with my Ric Schultz EVS 1200 with dual IceEdge 1200AS modules with LOTS OF TWEAKS, one of which is I had to pay an extra $200 for 2 Kubes, that needed to installed by me, to be butted up against each module upon receipt, presumably to deal with any osculation/vibration. I did as the designer wished/mandated, and though it outperformed every other class D amps in my experience (much older W4S amps, Emerald Physics 100.2SEs with upgraded fuses, Audio Alchemy DPA-1, and PS Audio M700s (best of this bunch), I felt there was more to be had.

Finally, I removed the top cover in preparation to remove the Kubes, and noticed a huge improvement. The overall sound opened up in all 3 dimensions, including gaining speed on the initial attack and a much lowered noise floor; similar experience when I removed the Kubes. I now hear micro-detail that was obscured.

I feel I am hearing it at its best (most revealing) and can finally compare it to my Voyager GaN amp when it comes