Class D is just Dandy!

I thought it was time we had a pro- Class D thread. There's plenty of threads about comparisons, or detractors of Class D.

That's fine, you don't have to like Class D amps, and if you don't please go participate on one of those threads.

For those of us who are very happy and excited about having musical, capable amps that we can afford to keep on 24/7 and don't require large spaces to put them in, this thread is for you.

Please share your experiences with class D amps!
I heartily recommend the NuForce STA 200 to anyone looking for bargain solid state audiophile amplification, but it does not do well when pushed to 4ohms and below.
Nuforce went back to linear amps, but this is STA200 is just a reincarnation of the budget Job225 from Goldmund. Good little amp but built to a performance level that really doesn't suit down to 2ohms or even below 4ohms, just like Class-D. But probably sounds better to where it can be loaded down to within it's comfort zone.

Cheers George  
My last 'high end' experience was to save power used by my PaasLabs X350.5 and so I had a test in my system with Mola Mola monos (jolly expensive!). 
Double the price (then) of my Pass and sounding, 🤔 weird, flat, punchy with funny enough, NO real authority. 

Money saved, back with the Pass, now paying power bill with a little less pain. Eish! 
Should I repeat this exercise? 🤔 

Answer: Not for some time to come,
maybe not till Kingdom come...?
I'm pushing 74... never mind Chorona and all.
😎 M. 
Yes Class D can be dandy indeed.   The evidence is what I am hearing as I type.
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