Class D is affordable and sounds as good or better the SS/Valve why buy anything else ?

I have spent a fair amount of my hard earned money on big ticket brand new SS and VT/Valve amplifiers over the years without hesitation, with state of the art 2019 class D amplifiers becoming cheaper and sounding better, i wouldn't join in again.

For older technology amplifiers SS VT/Valve to compete with State of the art class D, Their prices are going up and up.

One example is Pilium Audio from Greece or Bulgaria their Divine Line the prices are all over £100,000 for their pre amps and power amps, I know the UK importer he said they sound OK,

Another example FM Acoustics again up to and over £100,000 for pre and power amps. i have owned FM Acoustics pre and power again their OK,

I am not saying they do not sound good, i am saying why spend this much when state of the art class D probably sounds as good now and can only improve with the GaN capacitors and is nearly up to 100 times cheaper.

Is there still a market for multi thousand £$s SS or VT/Valve amplifiers ?

When class D finally overtakes SS VT/Valves what will people do with their multi thousand £$ amplifiers, keep them knowing there is something better ? Or will we see the market flood with exotic used amplifiers ?

Digital technology is rapidly growing pace and becoming cheaper, with GaN capacitors being introduced the sound is going to get better and better and will slowly or quickly become even more affordable.

If you had 50,000 to spend on an Amplifier, would you buy a high ticket SS amplifier and hope for the best ?

Would you stay safe and go with high ticket valve amp, class D can never match good valves right ?

Or would you sit tight and see how the GaN capacitors can further improve the performance of state of the art class D ?

Please feel free to join in, everybody is welcome, i think its a very delicate/touchy discussion for some people with big bucks invested in older type amplifiers.
Based on the email's I've been receiving, the data I have shared here has been plenty enough convincing for them. Some people just catch on to things faster than others. When I was in school, some people learned math equations quickly, and some took forever and still couldn't figure them out. Everyone is different as has their own unique individual skill sets. 
Equating liking Class D amps with math skills is a bit of a stretch I would say. One is largely subjective the other objective.

Also the best technology does not always win though I tend to think of Class D as a winner. Not the only one though. It all depends.  

No point trying to beat people into submission IMHO but to each their own.
I own a wonderful D-Sonic amplifier, which drives my Magnepan .7 speakers.  A wonderful sounding amp, had heard many combinations, nothing which is in the realm of a mortal buying, can compare. The clarity, punch, and neutrality of amplifier, when paired with an Aric Audio tube pre-amp, is amazing.  

From the 1,000 foot level this is how I am looking at it. There has always been a handful of A’goners who have mentioned their preference for class D. Now we have an unfamiliar poster relating to us how great the new amps are, and he is supported by a few people on this thread who we have little knowledge of their past amps and sonic preferences. Their posts often start with "I have had many $1,000’s in amps and these beat them all." The problem with this logic is how do we know that they will not have another class of amp they love next week. Several persons buying a piece of equipment and repeatedly touting it as incredible is as common as white bread here on A’gon. You only need to look up a piece of equipment and see 100’s of post about how great it is, and then start reading in detail only to find its the same three or four posters repeating over and over. Thus far the only poster on this thread that has me thinking of the merits of class D is Atmasphere.

When some A’goners we are familiar with have these new "better" class D amps and report their findings then based on their opinions we will feel comfortable with proclaiming them the best or not.

For the most part, as far as I have read, no one is saying the new class D amps are not better, we are just saying that sufficient tangible information has not been provided on which a "reasonable" person could base a decision one way or the other. What amp are we even talking about?
@mapman: Step 1 is accepting that there's even a possibility that this technology could be superior. Many around here won't even take that step. Step 2 is evaluating the technology and deciding if it's subjectively pleasing to them. If you can't get beyond step 1, you're in no position to make any claims regarding the results of step 2.