Class D is affordable and sounds as good or better the SS/Valve why buy anything else ?

I have spent a fair amount of my hard earned money on big ticket brand new SS and VT/Valve amplifiers over the years without hesitation, with state of the art 2019 class D amplifiers becoming cheaper and sounding better, i wouldn't join in again.

For older technology amplifiers SS VT/Valve to compete with State of the art class D, Their prices are going up and up.

One example is Pilium Audio from Greece or Bulgaria their Divine Line the prices are all over £100,000 for their pre amps and power amps, I know the UK importer he said they sound OK,

Another example FM Acoustics again up to and over £100,000 for pre and power amps. i have owned FM Acoustics pre and power again their OK,

I am not saying they do not sound good, i am saying why spend this much when state of the art class D probably sounds as good now and can only improve with the GaN capacitors and is nearly up to 100 times cheaper.

Is there still a market for multi thousand £$s SS or VT/Valve amplifiers ?

When class D finally overtakes SS VT/Valves what will people do with their multi thousand £$ amplifiers, keep them knowing there is something better ? Or will we see the market flood with exotic used amplifiers ?

Digital technology is rapidly growing pace and becoming cheaper, with GaN capacitors being introduced the sound is going to get better and better and will slowly or quickly become even more affordable.

If you had 50,000 to spend on an Amplifier, would you buy a high ticket SS amplifier and hope for the best ?

Would you stay safe and go with high ticket valve amp, class D can never match good valves right ?

Or would you sit tight and see how the GaN capacitors can further improve the performance of state of the art class D ?

Please feel free to join in, everybody is welcome, i think its a very delicate/touchy discussion for some people with big bucks invested in older type amplifiers.
In USA we only need to look at the auto industry in the late 70s as the compact japanese cars got a huge foothold due to US automakers having their heads up their collective butts. And when they finally responded they were so far behind the japanese they never fully recovered. That and the big 3 model redundancy. Their lack of foresight has also caught up with them

As more low fi companies switch to class D (including auto) parts for non class D amplification will evaporate. Oh, and don't expect electric costs go stay the same. FYI Smrt Meters are sending data 24/7 that will likely mean extra charges for wasted energy

I am shocked to see Parasound double down with revising their A/B series amps,  

Those of us promoting class D are merely trying to warn you that your amps will soon be dinosaurs
Sorry but Tube Amps all the way for me. I Like Class D for Home Theatre. For Musical Playback I always have and it seems il always will be in favour to Tubes. Especially OTL Amplifiers.

Nothing Wrong with CLASS D its all good fun. Everyone has different opinion and taste this what makes the world a better place!
Even more important than bias class of amps, is the amount of non-DC signal from the power supply. You are listening to a power supply with a variable resistor connected to the speaker. Noise and inter mods end up in the speaker.
GaN devices are new, fast, small, and higher voltage. These operate in a binary mode (on/off) with very little resistance. The GaN is great for much higher voltage than needed for audio, perhaps not the best choice. They are also good for RF but not as good as LDMOS which are more linear. Eventually GaN will get better, smaller size an SiC substrate makes them great for 3 GHz plus.
GaN or whatever else may not be the differentiating factor, digitizer, power supply, and reconstruction filter may be more important.
Don't get sucked in to the marketing hypebole.
The biggest difference is in the recordihg quality.
tweak1, are you related to Henny Penny, we are big boys and girls here and can handle our amps losing value, you mentioning it repeatedly only shows it would be a big blow to you? That and your buddies emphasis on the low cost of class D indicates you are likely in economy mode. No reason for you to think the rest of us are. Why pigeon hole yourself on a thread?
Because I’m going to releasing much better digital input amps shortly. It’s not a challenging enough project to pop an off the shelf module in a case. Time to raise the bar. Building the amps with a digital input allows folks to get better sound than combining $20000+ worth of source gear and cables with a 1200AS based amp. And have a cost of only $3499.

And there you have it...the relentless posts are all about creating a buzz ahead of his product launch shortly...yep, all that and a bag of chips for only $3499...while supplies last!