Class D in an antique radio case

I made one of these for myself, and quite a few people who have seen it asked if I could make one for them.
Is there any interest in this? I could make a few and put them up on A’gon if there is genuine interest. I’m an artist with an EE background and career in industrial automation, so I know how to make things safely and correctly.

It’s a Hypex Ncore 252MP, in a modified 1950’s chassis. The amp module is the same as this: but with way more cool factor and WAF. It honestly sounds pretty freaking good.
They require a bit of custom metal working, and tweaking, so it’s not quite as straightforward as dropping a module in the same case every time. I can make for about $1K - $1200 depending on chassis. Feedback welcome. If no interest, I’ll just make for myself and friends.
Wow! That is very cool looking! Great job. I'm sure you will get some interest. I bet it sounds good. Even balanced inputs. Bet that was a fun project.
Thank you, yes it was a fun little project.I'm currently working on another amp, this one integrated with a First Watt M2 preamp stage followed by a Purifi 1ET400 in a 1960 Stromberg Carlson chassis with a tube magic eye.

I might post when I'm finished, but I'm very slow on these personal projects. But can do much more quickly as commissions if people are interested.