Class D for Repatriated Merlin TSM MMI

I recently repatriated a pair of Merlin TWM MMI from Singapore. Calvin Ho of CK Audio made its return home quick and painless.

I have read the forums and understand that most seem to prefer tube amps. I know that is is against convention so far as I've read, but, due to heat, space, my back and weight, I am inquiring  of any successful synergistic  pairing of Class D amps. (Yes, I am trying to avoid 55 pounds of iron)

My sense are these little guys might benefit from lots of power but like everything the proof and synergy is in the pudding.

Thanks for any experience one can share.




+1 Rich Brkich at Signature Sound. Very nice, honest and helpful guy. Certainly the world's best Merlin expert.

Talk to VerdantAudio on this site.  He may have a demo AGD Tempo di Gan that he can send to you to try on your speakers.

Hearing the name Merlin makes my heart smile.  A blast from the past for sure.  Bobby P. would be so pleased to know that his speakers are still being enjoyed, and that people have such high regard.  Good luck with your TSMs.  😎

I believe Ralph’s Class D are $8K and sold out for the moment.

The guy who’s advice would be best is Rich Brkich at Signature Sound in Liverpool, NY.

@sbank @derekw_hawaii Our class D amp is about 5400/pair right now.

FWIW Rich just picked up a set. I’ll be interested to see what he thinks.