Class D for Repatriated Merlin TSM MMI

I recently repatriated a pair of Merlin TWM MMI from Singapore. Calvin Ho of CK Audio made its return home quick and painless.

I have read the forums and understand that most seem to prefer tube amps. I know that is is against convention so far as I've read, but, due to heat, space, my back and weight, I am inquiring  of any successful synergistic  pairing of Class D amps. (Yes, I am trying to avoid 55 pounds of iron)

My sense are these little guys might benefit from lots of power but like everything the proof and synergy is in the pudding.

Thanks for any experience one can share.




@derekw_hawaii  The Merlins aren’t that tough to drive and Bobby P at Merlin (R.I.P) used to pair them with modestly powered amps all the time. Yes, Atma-Spheres were a natural, but the S30s or a pair of M60s were ample. I believe Ralph’s Class D are $8K and sold out for the moment.

The guy who’s advice would be best is Rich Brkich at Signature Sound in Liverpool, NY. Rich spent more time doing shows with Merlin and probably sold more Merlins than anyone else. He is intimately familiar with every aspect of every model and probably every pairing. He’s a modest, knowledgable guy is always happy to help any Merlin enthusiast get the most for his money. Cheers,


Well, I think you should stretch a little and go for the Atmasphere GaN momoblocks or the AGD Tempo di GaN amp as they’re only $400 -$500 over your budget and will very likely give you many years of SOTA sound reproduction. As a backstop and if you can’t stick a crowbar in your wallet and buy one of those amps, an option that’d still give you awesome sound but at a huge discount is a McCormack DNA-125 with full SMcAudio upgrades for $1750 where the upgrades alone probably cost upwards of $2000. This is a near SOTA amp by many accounts, and you can send it to SMcAudio and have them install their Gravity Base Jr. for $400 or full Gravity Base for $900 and up the performance even further and still be WAY below your $5k max.

If you can stretch I’d go with one of the GaN amps, but if $$$ is a concern I highly doubt you’d be unhappy with the upgraded DNA-125. Of course another option would be the $3k LSA GaN amp from Underwood Hifi. It never ends, but I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with any of these awesome amps and your excellent speakers. FWIW, and best of luck.

Temple Audio Bantam One 

100w Integrated from the UK. I’ve never listened to it but have listened to other very good sounding Temple digital amps.