Class D for a Tube Lover

First, I'm sure this has been asked many times but searching the subject wasn't too helpful to me.

So apologies in advance.

I enjoy tubed electronics and class A amps, which tend to be a bit warm.  My current Cary 805s warm my small (12x16) music room even in the cool/cold of winter.  I've got other amps that don't produce much heat, but am looking for something that produces no heat.  Living in a home with no central AC the room gets uncomfortably hot during the summer months.

So...I'd like to try some Class D amps.  Stereo or mono is just fine.  And my speakers aren't difficult to drive so I don't need a thousand watts.  But if that thousand watt amp sounds great, I'm not adverse to that, either.

I'd like to keep the price under 2k used.  

Please help.


OK AudioDwebe, Id first ask what speakers will you use , What genre/ how do you listen, and is there one point or characteristic about the Cary 805 you have that you would not like to lose ? We are talking about coming from a 50W Class A Single Ended Triode Vacuum tube monoblock amp to a very different Transistor based Class D amp. Im rather confident a $2K Class D will not run with this big Dog, though it possibly may depending on what’s important to you. . The deciding factor will be what you are after ultimately. There is one class D that I know of that will be able to recreate and surpass all that your 50W Class A SET can, yet have much lower distortion and have quicker transients. plus be like one tenth the weight and have no heat. I am however committed to no compromise quality combined with good value. Therefore my solutions are not stopgap. I offer solutions that fix it for good. No looking back. but there is no way for me to help without a little more information please. Anything Ice module will behave close to the same way and my experience with 250 ASX2 says nothing syrupy or even close to dark. Its a very good module. Whomever designs the input stage makes or breaks this design.
Please let me know what speakers you will be using and what about the Cary do you not wish to give up ?
Try a Rogue Sphinx. Class D paired with a tube pre-amp section. Fits your budget nicely and sound real fine. I owned 2 and really liked them. Very basic analog amps that are made in the USA with a great reputation.
Look for an Audio Research DS225 or DS450. If anyone should know how to make Class D sound close to tunes it'll be them. It's not modules put in a different box, it's their own design.
Check this out  Purifi amp mods (

I own his EVS 1200 after having owned the PS Audio M700s, which I quite liked, but the EVS provided almost 3Xs the power with tweaks no manufacturer is likely to implement 

FYI, class D takes 100-1200 hours to break in. Buying used is actually a plus