Hi all,

After trying to buy (import) mono blocks and had difficulties,I began thinking I might buy some DIY class d kit.
well,theres a lot of brands out there,Hypex(The 400UcD moudle) and Coldamp seem to be quite good .
I understand theres a lot of combination with the power supply and chasiss.Cant find any instruction "step by step"(I dont know that much electronics-but have a lot of motivation and tech sense.
I dont what to choose,can anybody please advise me?
Whats is the best moudle i can find what power supply and etc.
here in Israel we have 220V

Thanx all
Hypex will provide not only the amp module, but also a power supply module and transformer, an optional "soft start" module, and even a wiring harness. You need to comeup with your own chassis and power cord. DIY doesn't get any easier.
Thanx Eldartford,
Can u recommend which power sup is good for the UcD400?
I heard that there ather product(Not hypex) that have better power sup.
Do I need 2 power sup for stereo dual mono amp?
Can anybody write a list of things(Based on 400UcD moudle) i need for stereo dualmono amp??
Scubidubi...Go to for complete info on the UcD modules, and related power supplies. No doubt they are the best bet for DIY, and the modules themselves are arguably the best performing digital audio amps (although this may be a brisk debate).
Can anybody recommed on a good power sup thats work well with the UcD 400?
If some1 selling his amp (Based on UcD400) Im here
Scubidubi...Use the PS designed for the UcD, and sold by Hypex.