Class-D Audio USA have just released their new GaN amp at the CES

Class-D Audio USA have finally shown their GaN based Class-D at the CES, anyone see/hear it?
It should be well priced.
Wonder if they went the extra yards/cost for the higher 1.5mhz switching frequency, like the mighty Technics SE-R1.

On Jan 23, 2020 at 6:14 PM, Sales <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi George,
Yes, our new GaN amp was just at the CES show a few weeks ago, and was a big success. If you email me tomorrow and remind me, I can provide more information... I’ll try to remember to email when I get to work, but sometimes I get pulled many directions when I get there.
CES report on GaN

Cheers George
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Thanks for posting George. There seems to be no doubt that class D is the future and the GaN tech should give it a significant boost. I am Looking forward to it.
Just got this from Tom from ClassDaudio . $1595 they are on the money, if it’s a good one, their hiend site

Hi George,
Our amp in this brochure attached is the sort of final prototype. The final version being made now for sale has a few upgrades like super nice gold RCA jacks and metal edge XLR’s. These are not going to be available in kits or amp boards as they are complex and expensive to make. The prices for the amps as of now are $1595.00 to $2295.00. We will also have multi channel amps and other matching products coming out soon. You can see they’re being marketed under the name Premium Audio Products as they are more expensive and different product than our Class D Audio amps.

I’ve attached a simple brochure we made up for the CES show. Our amp was displayed (and playing music) at CES by the company that manufactures the Gallium Nitride Transistors, EPC. Here’s how it went:

I wanted to give you a quick update on CES. As I told you, EPC has our amp in their suite at CES now. I went out there to help them setup our equipment. I was a little disappointed when i got there to find out that Technics had dropped off their integrated amp with them for the show also. I thought it would totally take all the attention away from our amp... and to top it off, they asked if I would also setup the Technics amp for them. Technics sent a pair of bookshelf speakers with the amp, and we had also provided a set of older NHT bookshelf speakers (hot rodded a little by me). We also provided a little USB music player we made up here with a 7" touch screen.

Next we turned on our amp and started playing music and, everyone (EPC people) in the room got a huge smile on their face and eyes popping out of their head. They all started firing questions at me about the amp. Next, we powered up the Technics amp expecting so much. As it turned out it just was not the least bit exciting. I’m sure most of this was due to the Klipsch speakers connected to it.

We were invited to come by Tuesday after the show ended for some beer and wine. When we got there, we were kind of treated like rock stars and everyone knew who we were. They told us that our amp sounded so good, they didn’t even turn on the Technics amp.

Since this is an industry show, I don’t know if having our amp there will really help us so much, and they have so much serious technology in the room light years ahead of our amp... but they told me our amp drew more attention just because you can only look at the other products, but our amp was playing some really nice sounds and grabbing attention. That was only day one, and I had to come back yesterday so I can get back to work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Tom

That Technics amp above is not the massive SE-R1 GaN poweramp, but their network/integrated streamer GaN amp the SU-G30, it’s like a Swiss army knife of integrateds.

Cheers George

Thanks for the 'insider's view', George.  If the development of D-amps continues at the current pace, the 60 lb.blocks can finally stop heating listening rooms....

I'm being facetious, but have always thought that the technology would mature quickly, given it's widespread applications already.

From little acorns, mighty oaks....;)

Have a great weekend, J
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Thanks for the 'insider's view', George. If the development of D-amps continues at the current pace, the 60 lb.blocks can finally stop heating listening rooms....
Not to mention the spinal damage every time we have to move or clean them.
I want to see a GaN Class-d amp like Technics SE-R1 with it's 1.5mhz switching frequency for around $1500, it's not out of the question, just needs a different component change and little heatsinking. 

Cheers George 
My uncle is a Audiophile as well as myself and designs in pro audio, class D has made its mark the Gan circuits can be good but 
the design circuit also has to be created and voiced also properly around it.
it will progress over time ,but still in its early stages .in many cases the good old Vacuum tube which was called obsolete back in the 80s still in many areas still is the standard for realism and naturalness.being part of the audio circuit in a Power amp, preamp, or in digital there is a magic hard to ignore.
Never trusted Class D since Bob Carver's original brute circa 1980. So now Carver is doing tubes and Class D is high fashion. Stand long enough in the same place . . .
@hickamore....*L* Yup, and the landscape changes beneath your feet.

I'm a SS person myself, but having grown up with tubes and lived through the  transistor>chip>integrated circuit>MB 'eras', the 'new' is all I've known....*G*

I can appreciate the 'romance of tubes', and their 'sound'.  But 'smaller/faster/lighter' and eventually 'better' is the march we live with.

Of course, the 'better' issue is one that's still up to one to define and decide for one's self.  And I'm good with that...*S*

"I've been Ayn Randed, nearly branded
a Communist, 'cuz I'm left handed.

But that's the hand to use!
Well, never mind." - A Simple Desultory Philippic - Paul Simon.

Right handed myself...not that it's right, nor just Is. ;)

Have a good weekend, however handed...;)

Have Technical specifications for the new Class-D GaN amp been posted somewhere?

Regards, Guido


Have Technical specifications for the new Class-D GaN amp been posted somewhere?
Nothing yet, just this preliminary brochure has been done that he sent me last night. He (Tom) should/will be watching this thread if you have any questions, as I gave him a link to it.

Here is a link to the brochure...
Please keep in mind, this is the prototype. The final version has super nice gold RCA’s and nicer XLR’s.
Let anyone know, if they have questions, they can contact me at [email protected] of through the website at and
I’m working 7 days and nights a week now trying to get things finished... lots in the works. I will try to answer emails as soon as I can.
Cheers George
The brochure brings to mind looking over a 'pro audio amp', as would be used in a live music venue.  It's front panel is one 'visually'; XLR's , as far as I aware, are still uncommon in 'audiophile' (sic) amps....

Personally, I don't have any issues with either; I use Behringer digital eq's and a crossover. along with a splitter/mixer.  1/4" jacks and XLR's exclusively..RCA? Nope. But I don't have a problem over 'gender bending'. *L* 

Or 'rack mounting' either.  And the $ seems fair for SOTA stuff..

At CES, that wasn't likely an issue...if you go to AXPONA, there might be some 'pushback' or consternation over that...

When I was 'newer' than I am now, Crown was a fav for audio, but now...mostly pro app amps...

But I suppose it's where you sense your market is, and more power to you. *G*  No pun intended, but there it is.... ;)

Cheerfully yours....
Looking at the premium website but seems to be unfinished. Was a release date mentioned?
Was a release date mentioned?
Nah, that's all I got from him.

TOM! if your watching, got any idea of a release date?

Cheers George

Here is what Paul from ClassDaudio / Premium Audio sent me to put up. 
Hi George,
It's looking like it will be one to two months. We upgraded the RCA and XLR jacks and also added some more protection circuitry. Now we have to wait for new PBC's to get here and also for cases to be finished. The case work takes some time. if you can let everyone know, that would be great!
Thanks, Tom
Cheers George
Waiting with great interest. I’m on another continent :)) I sold my monster Sansui 35 kilograms in weight. And I want to buy the next amplifier with delivery by mail :) It’s interesting time. Let's rather industrial amplifiers ganfet.
Rick Becker, of just posted a review of the Audion GaNTube Monoblocks and liked them so much he bought the review pair.  Interesting read.
15k? Is it too much to ask the power cord should be away from the switch for that price?

Well they are compact for 100w/ch, shiny and kinda look like a tube amp. That will probably help convert some tube amp owners that might not otherwise.

I’m sure they sound very good.

I think the ones he reviewed were about half that for the pair.
Ah I found the price at the bottom of the article. Starting at ~7k. Much better.

Gotta admit though the reviewer lost some credibility with me when he injected the Synergistic Orange Fuses that coincidentally are advertised on the sites main page.

Just saying......