Class D and Epos

Anyone have any experience with switch mode/class D amplifiers on Epos speakers? I am looking at getting some M5i's and wondering how the two would sound. Maybe with Bel Canto, PS Audio, NuForce et al.
I use the Bel Canto s300 with Epos m22's, being fed from a Dac 3. My previous amplifiers were an Adcom, and a Rotel. Compared to the first two amplifiers, the Bel Canto produced deeper, tighter, more detailed bass, and more detailed across the all frequencies, but I guess it should considering the price difference. I find it to be very natural sounding, not bright or harsh. I have some acoustic panels and bass traps set up, with tg audio slvr pc's and Nordost Heimdall ic's.
I would recommend, as does Bel Canto, using the balanced xlr outputs of their amplifiers.

good luck.
Thanks, Hanaleimike.

I thought the Class D amps would make the Epos midbass that much better, and the S300 is one of the amps I'm considering.