Class D amps that are superior to all or most?

Recently, I have heard about some Class D amps that may be close to the best there is regardless of class. Certainly, this technology has been in development for decades. The main issue has always been the switching power supply. In this regard, I have taken notice of AGD. They have created a whole new power supply that “switches” at a frequency 100 times the normal silicon based MOSFET. The designer uses a gallium nitride based PS. Interesting, it is enclosed in the KT88 glass envelope that sits on top of his amps. I am aware of two more pricey amps that seem to be also at the top- the Solution and the Merrill. There must be others that compete for the title. After my thread, “Is there a SS amp that can satisfy a SET guy?”, I am still on the quest.
Don’t want to spend $50K!
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Like I said.
Hey all I asked was give us something, anything at all, to back this statement up of yours below, that’s all, nothing more nothing less.
You can see the insides of the Voyager on Underwood’s site. You will want it modified. Lots to do there.

How georgie jumped from what constitutes muting to fusers is beyond human ken. No logic. No reason. Just name calling for the sake of it.

And to top it all off, his appeals to a phantom mod system that watches and waits to what he reports back to them is the stuff of fantasy or a very poor attempt to scare people off of enjoying themselves and relating their experiences. 

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In response to OP’s question, a number of people here have pointed to GaN technology and specifically the AGD Audion mono blocks. I have these amps now for a few weeks and second the positive sentiment.
My signal chain is Roon (on MacBook Pro) via WiFi (Linksys Mesh) to OPPO 205 to (XLR analog) DSPeaker X4 to AGD Audion to Viking Acoustics Berlin MkII. X4 crosses to 15” sealed Rythmik sub below 50Hz.

The amps sound wonderful. Endless detail, texture, spatial detail even at very low volume. No listening fatigue. Relative to my (obviously limited, but meaningful over the years) experience, these amps are a discrete innovation worth listening to.
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Honestly, what about the subject of this thread?

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The fact is that everything makes a sonic difference and no one knows there are no perfect components. This is why all class A/B amps sound different from one another and same with class D. Every single thing you do makes the sound different. This means that many many people can improve on any one design. Not just snake
oilers...but even flat earthers.

Actually, I don't think much of him either.

Yes, everything makes a difference, the problem is not every difference is audible, nor will everyone perceive your "improvement" to be any sort of improvement at all. Tastes differ, so your operating thesis is flawed on two counts.

Have you any measured proof of actual performance improvements? No. You operate solely in the world of subjective suggestion. OOohhh! These new tar infused caps will take your amp to a whole new level! OOOh! And the sheep follow along.

You are like a parasite that lives off the hard work of others. You don't seem to offer any real products of your own, just mods to other people's work, with the marketing scam that your little tweaks will magically improve on all the heavy lifting done by the real engineers who designed the equipment. Every time some new amp or tech comes to market, there you are, pushing your latest oil on how to "improve" the product.

All you pedal is subjective bs, praying off the insecurity and obsessive, always in search of that magic mod to transform their equipment.