Class D amps that are superior to all or most?

Recently, I have heard about some Class D amps that may be close to the best there is regardless of class. Certainly, this technology has been in development for decades. The main issue has always been the switching power supply. In this regard, I have taken notice of AGD. They have created a whole new power supply that “switches” at a frequency 100 times the normal silicon based MOSFET. The designer uses a gallium nitride based PS. Interesting, it is enclosed in the KT88 glass envelope that sits on top of his amps. I am aware of two more pricey amps that seem to be also at the top- the Solution and the Merrill. There must be others that compete for the title. After my thread, “Is there a SS amp that can satisfy a SET guy?”, I am still on the quest.
Don’t want to spend $50K!
Oh gosh, I thought we were done with this.....again, here are 3 pictures of the insides of the i-v4 ultra......and what I see are 4 stock IceEdge modules. Does yours look different than these?

Said in good fun....

Must be a trick question :-) as that's my system so of course the insides of the amp and the boards top to bottom, look as they do in person to me as the pictures you highlighted since I took those pictures in the first place.

Doug was saying he has more technical details and I've been told by Legacy this is not stock modules in a box so since I'm just a customer I'm bowing out and letting all you industry vendors, service providers and reviewers talk through this.  I'd be interested in the conclusion but frankly I'm damned happy with my amp and was passing on what I see and what I've been told when asking questions. 
Thanks. I live not far from Legacy and i plan on hearing their amps soon. I own the AGD's and i'am totally happy and not shopping, Legacy are close and i like to hear what's out there.

You system is impressive, enjoy the music.
Just want to say I have one of Ric’s evs 1200 amps. It does indeed sound wonderful. It pushed a Bryston 14b and a pass lab 150.5 amp to back up duty. I have switched to all class d amps for my main 5.1 system. Really enjoy the non boat anchor weight and the cool running aspect of class d. And did I tell u, it sounds better than my class a/b amps to me. I’m no technical genius but I sure don’t mind my class d amps if I have to move a amp. And my electric bill went down. Bonus.
Class D will live along side Class A, A/B and tube amps it will not replace any of these. I personally like the ability to choose, with class D approaching the performance level of class A and SET amps we all should be happy.