Class D amps and Revel Salons


I have Salons in my home theater and the amps sit in a custom cabinet--I am using B&K (reference 2220 and 3220) and it sounds pretty good, but the amps get pretty warm, and i am sure i can do better

does anybody have expereince with class D amps and Revel speakers?


I don't have Revels but have a pair of 4 ohm Dynaudio Contour 3.4s which are not all the efficient (mid 80s). Presently I'm using a Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 with very good results. I also have a B&K 125.2 and sonically I like the Wyred 4 Sound amp better. Another nice thing about the class D W4S ST-250 is that it's power consumption at idle is only 10 watts.
TAS has a review of a recent show where the Revel's were paired with a class D amp. Their comment was that the speakers must be very transparent because the sound coming out of them was a typical Class D kind of sound (read, not natural and not completely enjoyable).
I have experience with Class D amps but not the Revels.

From what I have read about the Revel's, I suspect Class D to be a very appropriate amp technology for them.

Of course, like all high end audio, whether you like what you hear or not is alaways another story from what products and technologies work well together based on specs.
The only Class D amps I have heard that sound good are the ones that have a huge linear power power supply(traditional. If you do class D go to the DODD Audio Website. I have heard Gary's digital offerings and they sound exceptional and so do the H2O amps. I am not a fan of Class D but that is for political reasons. My big AMP pisses off one of my friend's wife who drives a one of those ugly $30K gas/electric economy cars. Class A and AB amps with lots of current still sound better especially with tough loads such as the Revel Salons.
thanks for the info--made a mistake in original post, the HT has Studios, and the separate 2 channel system has the Salons (thethered to Krell Evo
600s, which I keep turned off when not in use...not for political reasons but they heat up the room quickly when running at full capacity)

I think I will stick with the B&Ks for now and look for some Levinsons eventually for the HT. I had 436 momos on the Salons for a whileand liked that sound...

I've got Salon2s and Levinson 532H amps. Great combination.
BUMP, just upgraded my f52's with a beautiful pair of salon1 speakers. I was actually shopping to upgrade my anthem 225I because the f52 sounded too dry, great bass, imaging, and treble but mids were lean and harsh, oddly enough when these big revels fell into my lap I connected them to this very same anthem 225i and they make a musical pair don't get me wrong I expect a quality pre with 500 quality wpc would make me appreciate these even more I was just surprised that the salons were more forgiving than the performa 2's.
just an edit for anyone considering the Revel F52's or the Anthem 225I I wouldn't want anyone to get a negative idea from my post for either piece of gear as i've gotten great sound from both pieces connected to other equipment and even paired to each other up to moderate listening levels they make all but the crummiest recordings fun to listen to. my experience in the past was the more a speaker cost the more fickle it was to get the best sound out of, out of the box the salon sounded pretty musical plugged into an affordable system and that surprised me. my f-52's seem to need more power /current than the integrated has to stay sweet at loud levels.