Class D Amplification Announcement

After 60 some odd years of disappointment, Class D has finally arrived. As per The Absolute Sound’s Jonathan Valin, the Borrenson-designed Aavik P-580 amp “is the first Class D amplifier I can recommend without the usual reservations. …the P-580 does not have the usual digital-like upper-mid/lower-treble glare or brick wall-like top-octave cut-off that Class D amps of the past have evinced.”

Past designers of Class D and audiophiles, rejoice; Michael Borrenson has finally realized the potential of Class D.


I believe that audiophiles are chasing a sharper definition than the real world. In the real world everything just blends together into a wall of sound and through the reverberations of the room. There’s no stereo effect and crystal clear "instrument separation". In the real world most live performances are way too loud and confused. Soft jazz, acoustic music and orchestral music avoid that problem.

@kokakolia I agree. I think the recording engineers enhance the 3D imaging/soundstage to compensate for us not being able to see where the musicians are placed in the performance. I confess that while it might not be true to how a lot of live music actually sounds, I like it and it enhances my listening experience. One good example is “Like JT” from Patricia Barber’s Companion CD where it’s clear the engineers worked to add a sense of depth, but damn it sounds so good I could care less.

A little over a week ago I took delivery of the Atma-sphere class D monos and they were great out of the box but after 3 days they really opened up and are the best amps I've ever heard or owned and wonderful with my Tannoys.  I'm hearing more detail from top to bottom, very smooth, natural and open sounding.  Vocals and instruments sound more real.  Looks like my tube amp is going to market.  Kudos to Ralph and company!

Harry Pearson used to claim that The Absolute Sound (title) refers to the sound of live music.  The sound of a high rez two channel system sounds nothing like live music, in the same way that a high rez home theatre doesn't sound or look like real life.  What we are looking for at home is a 'hyper-real' (as in unreal) experience.  Its a high tech trick that we have learned to enjoy.


That is some recommendation now - replacing tube amp with the Class D amp. Good to know that Ralph's Class D amps sound amazing.

I trust as genuine - because this comes from a member who has been on this site long enough and posts regularly unlike "fake" reviews, when a user registers and immediately posts a positive review and then 10 more users do the same.

So for me, it looks like Ralph's amps along with the AGD amps are the top ones to consider if and when I decide to change my amps.

Those two are both good I’m sure ( have heard AGD but not yet Atmas Class D) and popular brands on this site but by far not the only very good choices and for sure not the most cost effective, if that is a consideration.