Class D amp recomendations please

Hello everyone,

I am currently running a BDA1 feeding a Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Stage2, feeding a Musical Design D140I, and some home brew 1st order 4 way speakers that probably drop to about 4 ohms. I greatly enjoy the system but I am getting the bug to try the newer class D designs like GAN or NCore. Please educate me. Thank You


i rather like this guy for the very modest cost ... you can search back on my comments from a few months back


Thank you for the suggestion, how would you describe the performance? Sorry I could not find the comments.


I have a pair of Apollon monoblocks made with the PuriFi 1ET400A modules. I really like them, enough that I sold a $7000 amp because I prefer the Apollons for clarity, soundstage, low noise, and general musicality. I have listened to amps in the $10,000 range, and to me, these monoblocks are in that league sonically. However, they do lack the 3/4" thick machined front panel and backbreaking weight of some competitors. And they don't heat the room.

Now, everyone’s tastes are different, so some will not agree. (And some here judge products by the technology they contain, not the sound.)

There is one recommendation for you. Good luck!

jjss49 is there some trick to buying one from the site? I think I've tried this before and the same result. I TRY to log in creat an account and they won't send the conformation to my email.

Gerorge posted it and I've never seen the conformation in my email.

Nord Acoustics has GAn, Ncore, ICE. I have a few NC500 One Up MBs and one 3 amp enclosure. Never an issue. I have Sonic Imagery and Sparco 2590 OpAmps. Quit a workhorse to tell the truth. They are a good sounding piece of gear.. With larger power supplys (1200s) and Rev D buffer boards.

I have a pair of Wyred4sound SX1000. They have a bit of beaf to them.. Still I like the NC500 better with planars and ribbons. I use them with Neo 8 Monsoon and AC ribbons during the hot summer months.. Then back to tubes in the cooler months..

I want to try GAn too with planars.. 


@jjss49 I just ordered one of the Mini GaN amps to experiment with.

@oldhvymec I ordered my unit on Thursday using PP and had my confirmation in an hour or so. I never created an account. Site says the will send shipping confirmation in 24 to 72 hours.



There are several LSA Voyager 350 GaN amp threads here. You might check them out. I have the Voyager for about 6 months now: it crushes


as @jerryg123 reported as well, we had no trouble ordering the mini 5 from tom’s wesbite - you can also email him (as i did), he can just send you an invoice to pay

tom is a nice guy, responsive


as for the voyager, i have no experience with it - and the online seller does not have a money back trial in place iirc, so for me personally, i figure i have tom’s mini 5 on the lower end, alberto's agd’s on the higher end in terms of my own positive gan amp experiences... others like the lsa voyager or peachtree gan unit are in the middle cost wise, so no great motivation or rush to try them all, i am good for now

Thank you all for the responses. I have a good amount of research to do.

I was over at my stereo buddy's place last night listening to his new Peachtree GaN400 amp with his Buchardt speakers. There was nothing about that amp that reminded me of the dry and thinner sounding class d amps of times gone by. Granted I only spent a few hours listening but it's a very nice amp, class d or not.

Orchard Audio GaN FET Amplifier

The ONLY "Class D" Amplifier I'd recommend.


Orchard Audio GaN FET Amplifier

The ONLY "Class D" Amplifier I'd recommend.

@rajugsw and you have listened to all of them?

LSA Voyger, Peachtree, New Bel Canto ref501S oops not out yet. AGD, GaN Mini, Think not.

Yay been waiting to see what Bel Canto comes out with next.

a good time to remind folks who come here for info... this is a faceless, nameless forum with low standards for disclosure

so - when someone says i recommend ’xyz’... always click their ’details’ below their username in their post

important questions:

what are the qualifications of this poster?

what is his/her experience level? what has he/she tried? and thus, what is the ’recommendation’ based on?

who is he/she trying to influence, and why?

illustration below ---->



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There are plenty of recent threads on this subject.

There are amps for every price bracket (which you don’t specify).

Class D audio, as mentioned.

Then VTV and several European makes, Nord, Apollon, etc.

Then LSA Voyager, Peachtree, Orchard.

Then AGD (new lower priced amp at 5K), and Atmasphere (also 5.3K) in beta now.


You could also look at Wyred 4 Sound, Mytek, and Bel Canto.



I recommend you don't buy class d.

I recommend you don't buy class d.

@zappas you base this on...???

have you listened to any of GaN amps on the market now?

Guessing not.


Listened to 5 separate d amps in my home. No comparison to the big boys.

@zappas , which class D amps did you audition at home? What traditional amps did you compare them against?

Thank you all for the excellent information, I ended up getting a pair of D Sonic Magnum 500M amps. They are essentially like the first generation Bel Canto Ref1000 amps. Basically naked asp1000 modules, with rf filtering. I run a ss pre so hopefully this will be good. I know it will not be as refined as the newest Ncores but the price was very right.