Class D

Been thinking of trying a D amp to reduce clutter. Most that I see are not rated at 2 ohms.  My PSB Stratus gold's will drop to 3 ohms or lower at some frequencies. So my question is will these types of amps handle this impedance ?
Thanks in advance. Chris
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And Ralph search is your friend, you might want to be reminded, that you were anti GaN fets way back at first, they are still the same ones buddy.
You are quite correct. When you first commented that GaNFETs didn't need a heatsink in an evaluation circuit, I didn't believe you. But I followed the link you provided and promptly went down the rabbit hole learning more about it. So you can rightfully take credit for that.

What is puzzling here is that even though you knew that bit about heatsinks, most of the rest of it is a complete unknown to you. For example, if I were to ask you, 'what is the **main** advantage of GaNFets?', what would be your answer?

If you answered 'speed', you would be incorrect. GaNFets have lost their speed advantage over MOSFETs, which have continued to improve since GaNFETs were introduced.
Hello! Have not tried it, but the question is interesting.

Stop trying to divert that you were very anti GaN, and now pro just because it will be "the format" and suit your sales/profit modeling.
One thing you "may" not have factored, is going to be the ones at less than 1/2 the cost of yours, and better advanced from those bigger companies.Now GaN is even making a "big noise" into car poweramps now also.
The primary advantages of GaNFETs (compared to mosfets) are low on resistance and low input capacitance.  The low on resistance allows for higher efficiency, particularly into lower impedance loads. In car audio, available power is pretty limited so it stands to reason that these devices would be making inroads here.