Class D

Been thinking of trying a D amp to reduce clutter. Most that I see are not rated at 2 ohms.  My PSB Stratus gold's will drop to 3 ohms or lower at some frequencies. So my question is will these types of amps handle this impedance ?
Thanks in advance. Chris
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This is fake news.
Once again, straight into product protection mode, just like someone else that abuses this tiresome saying. Hope independent tests from the likes of Stereophile will sort out your furphy’s.
You can easily put together a couple of icepower 500 watt monoblocks for about $800 as mentioned by Erik:

When completed they look strikingly similar to the aforementioned d Sonics class d m3a 1500s, inside AND outside.
Once again, straight into product protection mode
This statement is false. I've simply been engaged in correction of misinformation. That is why I used the phrase fake news. But I could use others- ignorance comes to mind. Misleading. Deceptive. And so on. But since I don’t know/understand why you insist on posting incorrect information, I don’t use the word ’deceptive’ although due to the tenor of your posts I’m often tempted.

Again for the umpteeth time: READ UP ON THIS STUFF. Parading the same rubbish over and over isn’t winning you any accolades and isn’t impressing anyone that you know what you’re talking about.

Its easily shown that its not product protection, for the simple fact that whether my company produces an amp or not, what I have stated remains factual. Its not like our amp somehow makes it true.

It may be that you won’t get this simple fact as this has been gone over and over again and you seem to hang on to the same mythology in the face of facts (just like that same person you alluded to in your post above). Please consider just reading and educating yourself. You might find it worthwhile. If you need links to articles I can provide them. OTOH if you can find anything that debunks my comments, please produce them; I’d be interested to see. But don’t send that tired link about an amp that is obviously decades behind us.
You forgot dogmatic. If ignorance it is totally wilful. I don't think I could have explained current limiting and power limits and thermal limits any simpler or more completely, or for that matter the impacts of load.
But don’t send that tired link about an amp that is obviously decades behind us.
The 1200AS 2 is still the current Class-D module from ICEPower, what have you been sniffing.