Class AB Amp great at transient response, timing & low volume needed up to 5K

Needs to double into 4 Ohms. 200W into 4Ohms at least. No Class D.

Schiit Vidar, ATC P1, what else?
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Perreaux 2150B - 340wpc/8ohms, 680wpc/4ohms, 920wpc/2ohms. Class A/B. Typically available for under $1K. I have one! Sound quality competitive with any five-figure amps!
The Benchmark AHB2 fits those criteria.

A good choice if you want an amp that produces everything upstream unadulterated. That can be a blessing or curse depending on the quality of upstream components. 

Even though the amp is a lightweight and of only moderate power on paper, in practice it performs like amps that produce 50% more power. Capable of driving my magnepans to levels higher than I would care to listen. Its front-panel clipping indicator is a great feature for peace of mind. I’ve only triggered it once and that was driving my .7s to very high volume while playing a track with incredible dynamic range in my large room.