Class A1 845 SET

I know why most 845 SETs are class A2–more power, otherwise not much more than 300B—but who makes A1?
An 845 in Class A1 will do about 12 - 15 watts at 1% distortion. More in Class A2 using grid current. 
otherwise not much more than 300B—but who makes A1?


Sorry I can give you info you really need on the Q

But here are a  few thoughts about SET power.

I’ve heard of all SET tubes, the 300B has the least slam, = a bit wimpy
I have my friends 250 tube SET which he designs and sells, says 6+6 watts.
has just as much bass SLAM as my Defy7 with 100 solid true pure watts per channel.
So I would not believe what you read on the Inet about a 845 having ~~~low power~~ = lacks punch.
SETs are not properly understood, There is some disinfo surrounding these designs..
Now its true the 250 has pure COLBALT steel output trans, very exp and very powerful.
Its actually more power than I wanted for my 92 sens WBers.
This watt rating thing is skewed and unreliable. .

I am looking at a   budget 845, listing says 22+22, wayyyy more than I want/need/will use.
I 'd rather the listing say 4 watts, 
This  6 watt with Colbalt steel out trans has moreeee than enough power,,,maybe this budget low quality out trans  lacks the power of the Colbalt trans. Thus serving my needs better.
The more output current a  amp has, when paired with 92db++ sens speakers,, this boosted power hadicaps the linestage's vol pot, you have  = the vol gain , at small listening rm, near field, is overwhelming the free play of the vol pot.
At 11 oclock  the SPL is too great. 
 In a  Buckingham  Palace size listening room, yeah the 250 tube amp would be perfect.  In that setting I could go  12 oclock on vol pot. 
Saying all this , is asking the Q, Do you need the Class A added power??

The Art Audio Carissa Copper Reference is an 845 based SET that is A1.  I validated this with the manufacturer and it runs18w.  
That is one of the most beautiful amps around. Their older ones were beauties too, like the Jota.
That Art Audio Carissa Copper Reference looks like a solid value at $12.499 I would have though a Class A1 845 amp would be considerably more expensive.