Class A Solid State Sound

Would someone kindly describe the differences in class A sound of Pass XA.8 series, Accuphase A-70/75 series, and Gryphon class A amplifiers. Does much or any of the differences relate to mosfet (Pass and Accuphase) or bipolar (Gryphon)  output devices?  Thank you!


@kosst_amojan, I meant no disrespect to Nelson Pass. I have a lot of respect for much his work, and am a happy long term user of a Nelson Pass pre and power amp.

In my original attempt at my previous post, I tried to include links to all of the Stereophile's Pass labs amplifier measurements available on the web, but it seemed to overload Audiogon's capabilities, so I deleted them and summarized.

...And yes, I have read quite a bit of Nelson Pass's writings, which I enjoy on a number of levels.

Can we kiss and make up now?
lols war is the norm.
George might not be right all the time, but he’s never wrong. 
Why don't we kiss and make up now.
George might not be right all the time, but he’s never wrong.

Thank you, and if so in other posts I’ve always admitted when I was wrong, and always started with the word "sorry".

"To say it once again for the last time, complementary pair for complementary pair, you’ll get more amperage (current) from a BJT (bi-Polar) output stage than you will a mosfet output stage, end of story."

This is why all the amps out there that are "known" to drive huge current into sub 2ohm loads, like the Wilson Alexia S1 0.9ohm, and keep almost doubling their wattage down to that, are all BJT’s (bi-polars) output stage poweramps.

Cheers George