Class A or AB Solid State Integrated Amp for Spendor D9's - Coming from Tubes

So I'm looking at getting a solid state Class A or AB integrated amp to go with my Spendor D9's and my Lumin T2. I strictly stream and do not have a turntable setup. I'm coming from my Line Magnetic 805ia which I love (will still keep it around but turn it on for those times where I want to listen to tube and not drain its life on watching TV) but I would still like to find a warmer/sweeter sound rather than a sterile, ultra-analytical sound. Some that I have considered include: 

  • Luxman 590AXII
  • Accuphase E800
  • Diablo 300
  • Boulder 866
I have not heard the Diablo or the Boulder in person because there aren't any dealers in the WA area but I hear great things. Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! 

Decided to go with the Boulder 866! I'll update on how it goes but I think I will be mighty pleased :) 
From what I am reading it sounds incredible. Did you get the analog or all-in-one digital version? Would love to hear how it compares to the LM805ia. 
I got the all-in-one digital one. Should arrive in the next week or two. I'm curious about that as well! 
Scratch that, seems that Boulder doesn't want me to work with a dealer that isn't close to me. Even though that dealer that I was working with was giving me great customer service and advocated for the brand too. They lost a customer here. I think I will go for the Diablo 300 instead.