Class A or AB Solid State Integrated Amp for Spendor D9's - Coming from Tubes

So I'm looking at getting a solid state Class A or AB integrated amp to go with my Spendor D9's and my Lumin T2. I strictly stream and do not have a turntable setup. I'm coming from my Line Magnetic 805ia which I love (will still keep it around but turn it on for those times where I want to listen to tube and not drain its life on watching TV) but I would still like to find a warmer/sweeter sound rather than a sterile, ultra-analytical sound. Some that I have considered include: 

  • Luxman 590AXII
  • Accuphase E800
  • Diablo 300
  • Boulder 866
I have not heard the Diablo or the Boulder in person because there aren't any dealers in the WA area but I hear great things. Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! 

spendors are amp friendly, not hard to drive, not too inefficient, not too prone to high frequency stridency

any well regarded top flight solid state amp that has decent power 50-75-100 wpc and is free of typical solid state nasties will shine

belles ... on and on...

Decided to go with the Boulder 866! I'll update on how it goes but I think I will be mighty pleased :) 
From what I am reading it sounds incredible. Did you get the analog or all-in-one digital version? Would love to hear how it compares to the LM805ia. 
I got the all-in-one digital one. Should arrive in the next week or two. I'm curious about that as well!