Class A into Class AB

What is the goal of a designer who makes intergrated amps that have class A for x amount of watts before it goes into class AB? Are there any examples of this being implemented well? I get this feeling that it’s kind of just a marketing thing...where people think they are getting some quality class A without the very high price tag. I was particularly looking at the CODA CSiB amps where you have three choices of how much of your first watts are class A. I have since found a few other respectable brands that implement this as well. I have yet to come across anyone who has heard much of difference between AB amps and one’s that’s state "first X amount of watts..." Class A/AB. Anyone have any experience with these kind of integrated amplifiers? Just looking for a little bit of understanding as I’m trying to upgrade my amplifier.
I never hear the word ARCAM in this discussion group?  ARCAM makes a ARCAM 30 that is Class G.  It costs double the price of their ARCAM 20 a class AB amp.  However, when I heard class G, I really felt it sound better.  Not sure why.  It had plenty of power and headroom.  I am still thinking about owning one.  

One thing about a Class G is it runs cooler than a Class A which can get really hot and it is not suited for an enclosed cabinet.
One thing about a Class G is it runs cooler than a Class A which can get really hot and it is not suited for an enclosed cabinet.

most members are aware that class a amps run hot and need to be out in the open.
another agreement with @tom6897. **Pure** class A is tons of money, heat for what amounts to very little benefit. High bias Class AB works great.  There are way better places to spend money and get more sound improvement.

And i design these things.
The idea of subtle nuance while the amp is running at 100% of power is a contradiction.  The room is shaking.
I find the Class A amps that I have owned smoother sounding than AB amp that I have owned. The CODA CSiB is a good integrated amp. I had Version 1 with the most Class A watts. I still own the KRELL K-300i integrated which does not put out a lot of heat and has the first 90 watts in Class A. I liked it more than the CODA CSB so Is sold the CSiB and kept the KRELL.

I also have the CDDA 07x and CODA #8 (Version 1). I like that combo more than the CSiB. Last week I heard the CODA #16 with the CODA 07x and it was easily better sounding than my #8. The #16 has the first 100 watts in Class A. It sounded smoother than the #8 and with more clarity. The CODA #16 was not that hot. Maybe I needed to play it for a few hours at loud volumes?

I have also had 3 Class D amps recently. Which were enjoyable but sold mainly because I liked the CODA gear a bit more.

maybe arcam has made some sweet sounding amps in their history, but after owning 3-4 arcams over the years, for various purposes, i have yet to experience one