Class A headphone amp equal to Luxman SQ-38

I recently auditioned the Luxman SQ-38u integrated amp. While it didn't work with my speakers of choice (ProAc), it was absolute MAGIC with my AKG 702 cans. Problem is, I don't want to spend $6,000 for a headphone amp.

Any recommendations?
I have not heard a Luxman, but have heard a few good headphone amps. The 702's are a rather challenging can to drive well. Since I haven't heard the combo you liked, it's difficult to say what may sound like it, but I can give you a few fine amps that would drive the 702's well (I used to have the same cans):

Woo Audio makes a few. I currently own a Woo WA6SEM and have heard that and Jack Woo's WA22 with 702's and both are excellent pairings. On the DIY front, which is a force to be reckoned with in headphone amps, a Beta B-22 (2-box) either single ended or better yet, balanced (you'll need a new cable). This is an SS headphone amp and will yield similar strengths you might associate with SS for speakers. There is at least one pro-builder offering those amps (Rockhopper), perhaps others. Another great option might be Eddie Current's Zana Deux, or one of their other offerings, all of which are high-output and have great reputations (main designer is formerly Moth Audio).

Other great headphone amps that I've heard, but NOT with the likes of the demanding 702's, which is not to say they would not work well there: Redwine Audio's HPA is an excellent amp. EAR also makes a very good headphone amp, but I cannot recall the model.

You might also check input over on if you are interested in all things headphones - lots of noise there, but certainly lots of useful input as well... you can read between the lines if you have some patience.
Thanks for the options, Jax - I'll look into them. That said, I think what I liked about the Luxman integrated was it's class A tube design. Music just seemed to flow naturally out of it. I think the AKGs are a little on the intense side and this pairing seemed to compliment each other's strengths - detail and staging yet warm and engaging.
Why not just get one of the dedicated Luxman headphone amps? P-200, P-1u. carries both and I think he has a return policy.
I only heard Sennheiser HD-800 and Grado GS1000 on the class A tube section of a Peachtree Audio iDecco. It was damn good. I suggest an audition. I'm planning to go that direction.
Given your description of the Luxman I'd audition the Eddy Current offerings if you can find one to audition, or perhaps the EAR. The Luxman headphone amp seems a natural as suggested. Though the Woo's are excellent choices too and posses some of the qualities you describe, I would not necessarily call them "warm" though they are all tube-amps. They do make the 702's sing though.
I have the Luxman P1u and a Leben CS300XS. You might want to audition the Leben, it has a wonderful headphone out and might play well with your ProAc's.
What didn't you like about the Luxman / ProAc combination? Which ProAc's? I ask because I'm considering the addition of another system (integrated/speaker) and the Luxman SQ-38 and Leben CS600 integrated amps, and ProAc speakers are on the short list.