Class A Amp

Any recommendation for class A Amp which can drive the 2.8Ohm speaker and put out about 400-600W


If there is such a thing, better have deep pockets and keep tabs on your power bill.

Class D/Ice Power would be a greener and more practical option I would think.
OR, maybe a Musical Fidelity supercharger amp combined with a lower power Class A might be interesting.
Kraft (synphonic Line),NRG 401M and Pass (slides A/AB.
Parasound JC-1's provide the first 25W in Class A, then AB to 400W into 8 ohms. Plenty avail here for $3200-3500/pr used.
The big Pass amps should give this much class A power at this impedance. Check their website.
The Parasounds have a hard time with loads under 4 ohms. I would think used Krell FPB. Lots of options with lots of power and run in class A the whole way.
I would second Tom_hankins comments. The Krell FPB series are an excellent choice. I love mine.
Any recommendation for class A Amp which can drive the 2.8Ohm speaker and put out about 400-600W
Man, that amp is gonna be BIG....really, really, BIG (VW Bug sized) and be able to roast whole pigs over it at the height of a Arctic blizzard.
Ledinhhien, if you were open to Mapman's suggestion of looking at 'greener pastures'. . . you may want to have a look at a couple of class D amps that sound particularly refined to me. In general, ICE power amps yield high output currents and high damping factors that make them particularly suited for difficult loads. But, to the contrary of class A amps, they are extremely efficient and runn rather cool to the touch. Traditionally they tended to sound a little "matter of fact" or even etched, but designs have been evolving rapidly, and some recent models are incredibly musical instead. My current prefs:

Jeff Rowland 312 stereo -- Substantially priced at $16K. . . but Audio Revelation on Agon seems to be offering a unit for $9.5K. It is also a relatively hefty brick at 70Lbs. I use it to drive a pair of Vienna Mahlers. . . which have somewhat wild impedance curves. I have written a sidebar article on this amp on TAS 188. . . I believe it's on page 80, part of my Vienna Mahler review. I just love this device!

Bel Canto Design Ref 1000 Mk.2 monoblocks -- heard the smaller Ref 500 at RMAF driving TAD minimonitors. . . and they were magnificent. I expect that the Ref 1000 will give you more heft and as far as I know even greater refinement than the smaller Ref 500s. Cost $6K. . . they look unprepossessing at only 15Lbs each, but do not let that fool you for a second! G.
Here is a amp that can do it and heat the room up as well:
Atmasphere's MA3;specs are:
500 watts/channel, 2-16 ohms
Bandwidth 1-100KHz within .5 db
IM distortion: 0.04% at full power
Input impedance 100K single-ended, 200K balanced, selectable to 600 ohms
Output section risetime 600V/microsecond
1/4 Farad of power storage capacity per channel- the most of any production amplifier!.
The power supply chassis is 21" wide, 34" long and 12.5" high. Weight: 152 lbs.
The amplifier chassis is 21" wide, 31.5" long and 15" high. Weight: 80 lbs.
What do you think???
Got a american express black card??
What's the budget?

For Thiel, think Pass, BAT, Mcintosh, etc. Solid state that has some emotion and will not overdrive the tweeters. Agree with the need for power, especially if the space is large.

Pass x600.5 does 600 into 8, and 900 into 4. Something like the first 80 is class A (for delicate passages), and then it switches to AB (for loud passages to keep it clear and delineated).

Rleff comes closest to what you want with his recommendation of the Atma-Sphere. Keep in mind that Rleff discribes only one channel. Check it out on, it's really a product to behold!
What 2.8 Ohm load speaker specifically?

If the load varies widely by frequency around a 2.8 ohm average spec, then I'm thinking any tube amp, even the Atmasphere, may not be ideal.

I'm thinking one of the other Class A SS recommendations, assuming they double output from 8 into 4 and 2 ohms, or the Rowland or Bel Canto Class Ds that do same would be better.
Most class A amps go to class A/B after 20-60 watts. They simply can't dissipate that much power when idle. I'd go with a moscode bridged mono.
I'm a fan of the Moscode amp, but the dink on it has been a weakness driving low impedance speakers, so I'm not sure it's the best choice for the OP.

Perhaps the new Moscode 402 has improved upon this?
I remember drawing similar conclusions as Tvad regarding driving low impedance loads when researching the Moscode.
Gryphon antileon signature will put around 500 watts of class A power into a 2.8ohm load. Pass xa 200.5 will put 400 class A into 4 ohm or lower loads and the 160.5 320 watts class A into 4 ohm or lower loads. Heavy, hot and expensive all. Only you can decide if it's worth it. My 4 ohm speakers (88db) drop to 2.5 ohms minimum and they will play at ear crushing levels with the Gryphon.
Looks like Pass Labs' most powerful pure class A amp is the XA200.5 monoblock. Rated 200W into 8 ohms, and apparently 400W into 4 ohms. Shipping weight is only 180 pounds for each amplifer, and power consumption is only 700W each, presumably even at idle! :)

All of these numbers pale, of course, in comparison with the Atma-Sphere MA-3 that was mentioned. And I'm sure the prices of both are in the "if you have to ask" category, so I'm not asking!

-- Al