Clash Reissues on Vinyl

I noticed that Sony/BMG has reissued London Calling on vinyl. Can anyone comment on the quality of the sound? I couldn't find any information on whether they were re-mastered from original tape, or anything along those lines.

There will also be an 30th Aniversary reissue of Sandanista with several unreleased songs slated for November. The current album is the remastered tapes issued in 2001/2002. There is no difference in the vinyl version issued in 2006, which has been out of print. I have the original album: better defined bass and vocals on the newer versions.
More songs on Sandanista? Wow! That's just what that (3) record needs!
Grimace -

Worth seeking out an original pressing of 'London Calling' - a very good sounding LP. You can usually find a good one on Ebay.