Clarus Crimson vs Clear Beyond.

Has anyone compared the two? 


Yes. System dependent for sure. I really like Cardas cables but over time they were just a little too veiled.  Not restrictive, but I wanted more clarity up top. I did not want sizzle and I got that with some WW Silver Eclipse. 
Tried a Crimson and it was immediate love. All the Cardas gave me and more. I considered trying Cygnus before the Crimson but did not want to “go backwards” so to speak. 
Sold most of my Cardas IC’s but still use their pc’s. 

Shameless Plug:

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The sound quality can be described as dynamic, open, natural. If you followed my journey I have owned/or tried just about every cable of importance. From Shunyata, Synergistic, Purist, Nordost, etc.

They were my favorites, if not for securing a deal (on a much pricier cable) and thus providing a complete loom of one cable brand for the first time, I would be keeping it.