Clark Terry Passed Away at 94

I had to post it here so everyone would see. He was a great player and teacher. I saw him live around 10 years ago and was blown away. I was just talking about him to Charles yesterday wondering if he was still around. Rest in Peace
This is a sad day. He had a long life, not that common in Jazz.
The ranks of the greats grow thinner.
His constant outreach to young musicians showed him to be a great man as well as a great musician.
RIP noble soul.
How ironic as we were just discussing him yesterday while listening to Miles Davis. He had a long and very successful life. I will miss him.

He was in the hospital on his 94th birthday.


Enjoy his music, may he rest in peace.
He will be missed.
My favorite trumpet player of all time. Such a unique tone and style, and he "sang" through his horn better than anyone. His control was beyond that of any player's, as was the sheer joy he conveyed through his playing. A sad day indeed.
RIP Clark Terry. I will miss you. Your music made life better.