Clarity Cap lines

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Just wondering if you can clear up a couple of questions:

1. Whether the ESA or MR lines will continue now that the CMR and CSA lines have come out
2. What's the target market for the DTAC caps?



All legacy ClarityCap models remain in production, but our retailers take different stocking positions depending on their individual marketing strategies. As CMR and CSA are priced close to MR and ESA, there is not much point in stocking deep inventory of both old and new models. Feedback from my OEMs is that CMR and CSA are meaningful steps up from MR and ESA. DTAC is an older line that remains popular particularly in Japan. DTAC aims to employ the narrowest films available in order to reduce ESR to an absolute minimum, but we subsequently came to understand that other factors than absolutely minimal ESR are more significant in determining sound quality: resonance control, winding tension, temperature treatments, and now copper lattice in place of tin/zinc end spray.  In addition, DTAC's large donut-shape form factor can be a tough fit in some applications. 

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I have to say the DTAC is pretty cool looking. :)




where are you based? Where is Clarity Cap based?

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@Jafant, I'm based in NJ and cover OEM and channel sales in North America.  ClarityCap is the trademarked brand for audio-grade capacitors manufactured and marketed by Industrial Capacitor of Wrexham(ICW), based in North Wales, UK.  ICW also makes mil-spec caps for various industrial markets under the ICW brand.  All models are designed and manufactured in the North Wales facility.   

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you guys have some nice Audio shops in NJ/NY areas.

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