Clarity Cable Review

I have to tell you that Clarity Cable is a diamond in the rough. It's a little known audio cable company but it gave me big performance.  It has a smooth extended treble with a open midrange and bass that has a nice little kick to it. It gives you great soundstage with and depth with quiet blackgrounds. I'm using the natural series interconnect. I'm using the vortex power cables and the have a four outlet power box with an attached vortex power cable. I'm extremely happy with the sound I'm getting. I have compared it with cables 3 times it's price and it always maintains or exceeds the performance of those cables.. I'm now only going to use these in my system and I will not be changing. It is always good to use as much clarity cable as possible because it works well with its own. I've been in the hobby on a crash course of trying gear, speakers and cables. I have now found my way through the maze. Thanks to Affirm Audio and Chris and Melissa Owen at Clarity Cable I'm getting first class cable performance for a 3rd of the price of the big boys! 

Are you still using any HFC cables/cords Calvin?

Surely the Clarity Cable cannot be better than Tara Labs, can it? ;^)

It's not easy find out much information about these cables, like what type of conductors are they using? Copper? Silver? Gold? Hybrid? Liquid metal? Magnetic Conduction? Stranded? Solid core? Foils? Ribbons?

Enjoy the music!
wow- it's organic!!
I still do use high fidelity. I use the interconnects on my CD player and I sometimes use the mc6 power conditioner
I don't know the intricate details of them. I just know that they have a very musical quality to them. I like my highs extended and airy. I like my upper midrange open and my lower midrange full and this cable sounds great in my set up. I don't over analyze when I'm listening to them. 

calvinj, you have good ears, if I say so myself! Congrats! You have found one of the cables I consider to be among the very best. Clarity has been used in my system for six years following my review. It has bested sets up to $50K. 
I'm very happy with clarity cable. I have it all through my system except the speaker cables right now. I use atlas mavros for that right now. Clarity does its best work in the airy extended highs and a nice full lower midrange that works wonders for my instrument heavy jazz.
@douglas_schroeder I'm glad to know that. You have a choice to have any cable you want just about and you chose clarity cable. Also to know that it has stayed in place for 6 years is saying a lot. It's an excellent performer all around. It's not crazy expensive compared to a lot of cables I have seen! 
By the way Calvin I met Chris and Melissa founder of Clarity cables very very knowledgeable and nice humble couple, someday looking forward to audition their cables....Bon
Great I've heard they were great. I like when the people are nice and they take pride in hobby. Rick at High fidelity cables was the same way. Great product and personable. Makes you proud to own. 


which brand(s) of cabling did you own/use in your system prior to the Clarity Cable?

douglas_ Schroeder-

I know that you have great ears and even better gear. Which $50K cabling did the Clarity Cable best?

Happy Listening!

MIT Oracle series. I no longer recommend any passively networked cables. 
I used high fidelity.  I actually still use the ultimate interconnects when I use my CD player as my source. 
TY- douglas_schroeder.
TY- calvinj

both the M.I.T. and HF cabling has been on my must -demo list for awhile now.
I like high fidelity. Highly transparent. Quick
Jafant try the Reveal first let us know what you think?
Iam sure clarity are good too, I trust Doug...
They are very good; I was a previous owner of both SC and IC.


Have to agree with Wig....though will throw in an extra very. Beautifully voiced IC that hits all the right buttons.

The SC is tremendous as well...highly recommended.


TEO Audio

Gives a nice full sound silky highs and open midrange.