Clapton "Reptile"

Anybody got this yet, excellent and recorded pretty well also.
I do not have it yet, but I understand that it will soon be out on German import LP. I plan on getting the LP.
Well recorded and enjoyable, but after several listenings, there's still nothing that sticks with me or strikes as having potential to become another signature song for Clapton.
I love Clapton, but neither this, nor Riding With the King, grab me.
Blbloom that is funny I don't typically like clapton but I loved "Riding With the King" I guess that is joy of this hobby being able to make choices, enjoy(maybe not the latest clapton but still enjoy) :-)Tim
Tim. I agree, the joy of our hobby AND life.
I have been a Clapton fan since the mid 60's. Although this may not be his best work, it is outstanding! My wife and I just finished it and agree it his best track of track project of new material since "Behind the Sun". On my system the recording is very good. It is recorded using HDCD and presents a clear, deep and wide soundstage. Don't buy this disc if you are looking for Radio type top 40 hits. Buy it if you like EC doing what he does best, play his box and singing JJ Cale tunes. Bonus--Billy Preston is back and playing organ on most very track.