Clamp or Weight Suggestions for a MMF9.1

I am looking for suggestions from folks who have heard this TT with a detailed MC cart (like a Lyra) and wall shelf (i.e. well isolated) played through revealing phonstage, amps and speakers.  I am looking mostly to make some of the older (and newer quick press jobs) sound as amazing as more uniform records do.  The specific nature of my request may sound a bit limiting, but sales folks out there have recommend a large variety of devices, but I have not seen anywhere that has reviewed clamps/pucks as say mats or other TT peripherals.  I have a cork/rubber blended mat, use a Record Doctor V, stylus cleaner and record brush.  Thanks in advance to anyone who has some experience to share.  
Audiogon appears to be more "Gon" than Audio these days - comparing the Views and Responses from 2 prior posts I made years ago.  Admittedly, I asked that folks with the same or similar TTs weigh-in - but given the amount of similar TT's out there it is hard to ignore the slump in  interest.  It would be useful to get the site use metrics for the last 10 years.  My experience may be an outlier.  

I still enjoy using Audiogon and it has allowed me to get input and gear living in a typical wasteland for audio in the US - anywhere not near a big city.  Keep it up AG!

HI Ryan - I used to have the same table and found that the Herbies Audio "Way Excellent" turntable mat was a huge upgrade in sound.  I also used and can recommend the HRS Analog Disk (record weight) as working well with this table to further enhance the enjoyment of vinyl.  Both should elevate your listening pleasure!  
Hi, Ryan, same here, I used to have one of the MMF 9.1's...I found the Pro-Ject record weight really helped the low end and imaging, and it's pretty affordable to boot!
I second the Herbies mat on my Music Hall MMF5.  I could not believe the difference.  But it totally screwed up my Linn, so there you go.  
Buy one and return it if you don't like it.  
Tremendous - thanks for the inputs!  I will experiment with these.

I have tried the Pro-Ject weight and that elevated the sound of some marginal recordings I have - details were clearer and bass tighter.  Still more listening to do as time allows.  A noticeable improvement so far.  Thanks for the inputs.