Clamp for Rega Planar 2?

Suggestions for a clamp for this table? I've 'seen' the Clever ($30), Twister ($100), and Quadro ($150) from Clearaudio; the rubber one from KAB ($30); and the Basis one (tho at $225 it seems like overkill for my table).
Clamps are not recommmended for Rega turntables. Their platters and mats are not the correct materials to utilize clamps. You'll get better sound without one.

If you want to spend some money on your Rega, try one of the dropped counterweights like the Heavyweight, or Wedge, or Michell Tecnoweight. It's quick, easy, and makes a nice sonic improvement.

Also, a VTA adjusting collar would be a very important addition, since VTA is a very significant factor in getting best sound from your cartridge.

Either, or both, of those would be alot better way to spend your money, than on a clamp.
Suggest you try a Ringmat instead of the mat (I assume) you're using now. It looks ridiculous, but it works.
Thanks guys! I think I'll head over to ED for a Heavyweight.