Clamp & Counterweight For Rega P3-2000

Hello, a new member here and also a new owner of an ex-Audiogon Rega P3-2000. The 2nd owner bought it from someone here but never used it and I bought it from him.

Anyway, I have run into one problem is that the recommended force for the Green Rega Exact is said to be 1.75g and I have maxed out the sliding the counterweight all the way forward and it read at 1g. Force gauge came from my dad if you're wondering how a noob has something like that. I find it unusual for having to do that, where a stock turntable has the weights maxed out but still not having enough force. So I was wondering if there are aftermarket counterweights, that I can buy which are designed and recommended for the RB300 tonearm.

Next, does anyone have any suggestions as to if I should use a clamp on the record and if so, what kind of improvements will I get from using them.
Are you aware that the counterweight is only used to balance the arm at zero and that the tracking force is then applied with the rotating knob on the arm support? No way that the counterweight will be maxed out with the light Rega cartridge. If you think that your gauge may be suspect, then just turn the knob to 0, balance the arm so that the stylus just barely touches the top of the record, and then dial in the 1.75 grams on the knob. Set the anti-skate, which is the slider on top of the arm rest for no more than 1 gram.

Skip the clamp. The platter is glass and rings like a bell, the felt mat does a really good job of isolating the record from the mat. Anything that couples the LP to the mat or platter can be very problematic.

Enjoy, you have a very nice LP deck there.
Thanks for your advice Viridian and thanks for saving me money too.

My dad said he has a MC Supex of an unknown model which he said we pretty expensive at the time. It does need retipping he said, would you have any idea where I could have it retipped?