CJ sounding preamp with balanced outputs?

I own a Conrad Johnson 17LS preamp which I use with a Meridian 508.24 cd player, Classe CAM 350s and Aerial 10ts. I love the sound of the CJ 17LS but with single ended outputs into the Classes it's a bit noisy. I also use the second set of outputs to drive a Classe 15 which drives a pair of Epos M5s in another room so two sets of preamp outputs are necessary. I'm willing to spend up to 3k. I recently purchased an Aesthetix Calypso and while I can hear it's excellent in soundstage depth and detail it's a little too forward for my tastes. I'm guessing my experience with the CJ is not unique and would really welcome any suggestions since there are many companies I can't audition to find out what the house sound of the companies are.
Another option is roll some warmer tubes. I believe Aesthetix Calypso takes a MP 12ax7 and 6922/e88cc so only 4 tubes. Try some Philip Holland/Amperex.
I can second what Knghifi suggested. Inserting NOS Amperex 6922s in my 17LS was a revelation.
When is CJ going to get with it and put some XLRs on things? I've been waiting for 2 decades. Do they have a reason for not doing so? Have any of you more influnentual types spoke to them about this?
Perhaps Cary?
Aesthetix Calypso - great tube rolling preamp. There are some great threads on this preamp here that suggest different tubes for different goals. I have owned this pre twice and in my recent acquisition of another new (to me) preamp, this once again was on my list.

I have copies of the Calypso threads via PDF if you want me to e-mail them to you, just contact me off this forum. If you are finding the Calypso too forward for you, this is easy to address. I would definately suggest taking this approach before going out and buying more preamps (assuming you still have the Calypso).

Cary or Bat could both also be options. But based on your avoidance of forward sounding, I would avoid any preamp with the "supertubes". In comparison, in my opinion, they are more forward and less "tubey" sounding. Also, they don't tube roll in the same sense as other tube varieties.
Thanks for the feedback. The Aesthetix Calypso is absolutely the coolest preamp I've ever owned in terms of build quality and features so I will follow up on the tube suggestions to see if I can get closer to the warmer sound I'm after.