CJ Sonographe SA-400 now discontinued Any good?

Conrad-Johnson Amps in general seem to be highly regarded. But I have seen this amp (brand new) selling for nearly half its retail price of $1700 with little or no interest. Is this amp an undiscovered gem or a black sheep in the CJ family. What would you recommend for a solid state amp in the $2000 dollar range to drive a pair of Paradigm Studio 60's?
I have seen the same deals on that amp, and wondered the same thing. I have a SA-250 (Little brother) that is retired to the bedroom system that sounds great. I think there is a review of the SA-250 on soundstage.com I would think they are pretty close in over all character.
For under $2000 I would buy a CJ MF2500.

I like mine. Dealer said for $1700 folks would rather go straight CJ. I got mine for $999.00 Spankin' new to replace an Acurus A-250.It's not as forward and has, I think, great detail, is not fatiguing, has dual mono design,sounds good and was a heck of a deal. I think price point was the issue.Am using with Melos 111B, Theta transport, Wadia converter, Paradigm Ref.100's and Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable. Amazes me every day.
I have the sonographe SA-250 and its a good amp with a clean, warm sound. Mini-review in Stereophile May 2000, Stereophile class B recommended amp in 2001. The SA-400 should sound the same if not better.
I have also been following used c-j amps on this sight with interest. I notice the pricing between the sonographe SA-250 and the older c-j-2100 amp are usually very close. Has anyone heard both? Any comments on the differences between these two? Thanks, Paul
Belles 150A Hot Rod for $1,500 new or $1,000 used. Powerful and detailed. A real top-end performer.

Sam Tellig also reviewed the 150A in the December 2000 issue of Streophile:
"One of the most successfully tubelike solid-state amplifier.... I found the Belles exceptionally easy to listen to, with a liquidity, and easy-flowing quality, that was quite captivating. The midrange seemed slightly accentuated, imparting the liveliness and immediacy to the amplifier that reminded me of single-ended triode designs".

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